Uncle B's Corner
(aka Bernie Larrivee Jr.)

Once there was a thing called FM. Then "College Radio" They played all kinds of music, comedy and even radio theatre at times. It was odd creative and interesting. WBRU was my introduction to this kind of radio when I was in high school. You never were sure what you'd hear next, but it was always interesting. Sometimes it even had some cosmic connection to your world. I know it did to mine.

Eventually I got to be a DJ on WBRU, just as these classic days were winding down (1977). I got to meet, and learn from, many of the "old ones" there and eventually found myself earning the highest arbitron numbers the station had ever seen. OK, right place, right time. But once the spotlight's on, you'd better know how do do something.

I ended up doing the Friday overnight show, mostly because the station management was sick of my ridiculing their commercials on the air and partly because they didn't know what else to do with me. The show was huge. I was offering a mix of things that no one was offering, and, because I was as much a member of the audience as a I was DJ, I knew what I/they would want to hear.
Of course it couldn't last and eventually the conflict rose to sufficient levels that I finally quit, saving them the trouble of firing me. (1983) I attempted to start a "Cable Radio" station after that, "The Wire" which eventually, after a long and tedious illness, went toes up. This was way before Music Choice on cable.

After I got over The Wire I fell in with some renegade WRIU dj's and began doing fills here and there for Tanya Hearts and the Eargazm show (Which was already in progress-say '89 or so)
After a bit of this, an opportunity came along to frequent the Eargazm show. I took it and the show evolved into what you see and hear today.
Our feed consists of some old WRIU shows (With the references to said station meticulously removed) and some netcasts. We add another four hour show every couple of weeks. I have all of these old shows on tape somewhere, but being the lazy individual that I am, I haven't transcribed all our old playlists to this site. I'll get around to it.

So check us out, see if you like our offering. Check the playlists for a preview of what might be playing.

Any comments, question, criticisms, e me: