(aka Tom Ottelidge)

Hiya Mofo here.

The basic concept of Eargazm has remained the same since the beginning, have fun playing great music. The fact that we often program our shows by subject matter or theme merely provides us a framework for our creative muse. Certainly anyone, or any computer program for that matter, could randomly select and play tracks in no particular order, as is often the case on commercial radio. What separates us is the way  we carefully select tracks and then piece them together. One song or piece may end similarly to how the next begins, creating the seamless segue. Some may be grouped by genre, particular instrumentation, rhythm, mood, ... who knows? We try to create a flow or progression that makes the show an artistic expression, not just a bunch of songs about the same subject. We prefer to do this in long, uninterrupted two hours sets of music that keep that flow going. I hope you have as much fun listening as we do arranging it for you. Please feel free to e-mail Uncle B. or me about the show or any of the music in it, or if you have any suggestions for future Eargazms. Also, if you're a collector, like B or me, and you're looking for anything we've played, feel free to ask. We'll do what we can to help you locate it. And remember we webcast live every other Saturday nite 6 - 10 (Eastern Time) and welcome your requests.

Thanx for checking us out, T.O. the Mofo