Show Name: Eargazm

DJ Name: Uncle B, T.O.

Show Time:Saturdays 7-9 PM

Date:1/3/98: Zappa



   A Zappa tribute somewhat close to the anniversary of his death



Back In Time Wild Man Fisher Wild Man Fisher
200 Motels Finale Frank Zappa 200 Motels
How Could I Be Such A Fool Frank Zappa Reuben And The Jets
Help I'm A Rock Frank Zappa Freak Out
Do You Like My New Car? Frank Zappa Fillmore '71

Opening Break
Willie The Pimp Frank Zappa Hot Rats
Penis Dimensions Frank Zappa 200 Motels
What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning Frank Zappa 200 Motels
More Trouble Every Day Frank Zappa Roxy And Elsewhere
Diptheria Blues Frank Zappa  
Dumb All Over Frank Zappa You Are What You Is

Slghtly After 8:00 Break
Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk Frank Zappa Broadway The Hard Way
Packard Goose Frank Zappa Joe's Garage
Stevie's Spanking Frank Zappa Them Or Us
Cruisin For Burgers Frank Zappa Make Jazz Noise Here

Crew Slut Frank Zappa Joe's Garage