Xmess 02



Peace One

John MacLaughlin

My Goals Beyond




Peace 2

John MacLaughlin

My Goals Beyond

Peace an End

King Crimson

In The Wake Of Poseidon

Peace On Earth

Adrian Belew


Peace Train

Cat (Muhammed) Stevens

Teaser and the Firecat

I Aint a Marchin Anymore

Phil Ochs

The War Is Over

Never Kill Another Man

Steve Miller Band


Wooden Ships


Deja vu

Peace and Love

Neil Young

Mirror Ball

Peace Sign



It's A Jungle Out There


Spirits Dancing In The Flesh

Field Of Graves

Cyril Achard

Morbid Feeling


Bob Rivers

Whitetrash Xmas

Slick Nick You Devil You


Tis the Sampler

Don't Believe In Xmas

The Sonics

Bummed Out Xmas

All I Want For Xmas Is You


Southern Rock Xmas

I Want To Spend Xmas Together With You

Roomful Of Blues

Roomful Of Xmas

Santa Claus Santa Claus

Louis Jordan

Blue Yule


Gatemouth Brown

Alligator Xmas Collection

Back Door Santa

BB King

A Xmas CelebrationÉ

Lonesome Xmas

Son Seals

Alligator Xmas Collection

Call Me For Xmas

Gary US Bonds

Cool Yule

Holy Shit It's Xmas

Red Peters

I Laughed I Cried'

You Ain't Getting Shit For Xmas

Red Peters

The Other Side Of Xmas

I Saw Three Ships


Mr Hankey's Xmas

Hark The Herald Angels Sing

Gary Hoey

Ho Ho Hoey 3




I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

Al Yankwotz

Dementos Greates Xmas

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Less Than Jake

Sleighride/The Other Side Of Xmas

Osama Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Bob Rivers

Whitetrash Xmas

Fuck Xmas


Punk Rock Xmas

Merry Fucking Xmas


Dark Side Of The Xmas Tree

Jingle Balls

John Valby

HerniatedJingle Balls

Angel (stumpmaster remix)

Bob Rivers

Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire

Mr Grinch

D 1

Punk Rock Xmas

Xmas Time Baby

Yard Trauma

A Midnite Xmess Mess

Wreck These Halls

Howard and Jag's Xmas Vacation

Midnight Christmas Mess Again

ItŐs Gonna Be A Punk Rock Christmas

The Ravers

Punk Rock Xmas

Xmas at CBGB's

The Baghdados

Single CD

Xmas Time (It Sure Don't Feel Like)


A Midnight Christmas Mess

Mary Xmess

Sun 60

New Wave Xmess

Sled Zeppelin

Bob Rivers

More Twisted Xmas

The Night Before Xmas

Eeek A Mouse

A Reggae Xmas

Deck The Halls

Jacob Miller and Ray I

A Carribean Xmas Party

Twas The Night Before Xmas

Robert J Lurtsema

Xmas Stories

Silent Night Jam

Joe Satriani


God Rest Ye

David Grisman's

Acoustic Xmas

Have Yourself A Merry Little Xmas

John Scofield

Xmas Guitars

Michael Franks

Let It Snow Let It Snow

Jazz To The World

Sleigh Ride

Stu Hamm

Merry Axemas 2

Little Hummer Boy

Rare Silk

More Mistletoe Magic

I Wish You Would Take Your Hat Off

Scrooge Bros

Commercial Christmas Land

Chimney Song

Bob Rivers

Twsisted Christmas

Christmas Christmas

Mojo Nixon

Punk Rock Xmas

Twas The Night Before Xmas


Horny Holidays

Xmas Card To A Hooker In Minneapolis

Tom Waits

Blue Valentine

Homo Xmas

Pansy Division

Punk Rock Xmas

Little Hooters Girl

Bob Rivers

White Trash Christmas

Daddy Drank Our Xmas Money Again


Punk Rock Xmas

Here Comes Santa's Pussy

The Frogs

Punk Rock Xmas

Silent Night

Elvin Bishop

Southern Rock Xmas

Beclaus I Got High

Bob Rivers

Whitetrash Xmas




A Special Personalised Christmas Greeting To You From The Retailers Of America

Eric Lindgren

Dark Side Of The Xmas Tree