Mairze Doats

Happy Time


I Used To Think My Right Hand Was Uglier Then My Left

Ken Nordine

Best Of Word Jazz

Flat Foot Floosie

Keb Mo

Big Wide Grin

She Caught the Katy And Left Me A Mule To Ride

Taj Mahal

Best Of

How Can I Miss You If You WonÕt Go Away

Dan Hicks And His Hot Licks

Original Recordings

A Child Should Be A Fish

Leo Kottke

Ice Water

When Shrimps Learn To Whistle

Leo Kottke

Best of 71-76

The Persecution And Restoration Of Dean Moriarity (On The Road)

Aztec Two-Step

Aztec Two Step

Does Your Chewing Gum Lose ItÕs Flavor On The Bedpost Overnight

The Star Spangled Washboard Band

A CollectorÕs Item

Clocks DonÕt Bring Tomorrow, Knives DonÕt Bring Good News

Bruce Cockburn

Night Vision

Sigmnd FreudÕs Imitation Of Albert Einstein In America

Randy Newman

Little Criminals

You DonÕt Pull No Punches, But You DonÕt Push The River

Van Morrison

Veedon Fleece

Gone Today Here Tomorrow

Aquarium Rescue Unit

Mirrors Of Embarrasment

Cobwebs And Strange

The Who

A Quick One

DonÕt Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie On The King Of Rock And Roll

Long John Baldry

It AinÕt Easy

An Old Raincoat WonÕt Ever Let You Down

Rod Stewart

The Rod Stewart Album

It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry


Super Session

Mississippi Half Step Toodle-Oo

Jazz Is Dead

Laughing Water

Those Who Are About To Die Salute You


A Whiter Shade Of Pale

I May Be Wrong, But I WonÕt Be Wrong Always

10 Years After


The Incredible Gnome Meets Jaxman

Savoy Brown

Getting To The Point

Is You Is Or Is You AinÕt My Baby

Joe Jackson

Jumpin Jive

DonÕt Want No Foo Foo Haircut On My Head

Mojo Nixon

Bo Day Shus

Sign My Snarling Doggie

The Bobs

Shut Up And Sing


Dennis Leary

No Cure For Cancer

Smoking Crack In SaltyÕs Shack

The Young Bucks

3 Things We Need

Behavior Control Technician


The Reality Of My Surroundings

Properties Of Propaganda (Fuck This Shit On Up)


Caveat Emptor




Uneasy Sunny Day Hotsie Totsie

Ian Dury

Do It Yourself

Take Your Elbow Out Of The Soup Your Sitting On The Chicken

Ian Dury


   The Host The Ghost Most Holy O    

Capt Beefheart

Ice Cream For Crow

A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond

Capt Beefheart

Doc At The Radar Station

Her Boyfreind Assesses His Value And Pleads His Case

Kip Hanrahan

Desire Develops An Edge


Michael Hedges

Beyond Boundaries

Mother Whale Eyeless


Taking Tiger Mt


Sky Blue Red Bird Green House

Adrian Belew

Op Zop To Wah

Joan MiroÕs Procession Through The Insides Of A Purple Antelope Across A Sea Of Tuna Fish

Adrian Belew

Desire Of The Rhino King

3  Of A Perfect Pair

King Crimson

3 Of A Perfect Pair

The World Is My Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum

King Crimson

The ConstrucKtion Of Light

Vicious Swabs

Strange Attractor


I, Drum Running Am Clapboard Bound

Mike Keneally


Virgin Flight Of The Mumblepies

Smokin Granny

Thark Shooth

Wild Chrome Yellow Shine

Happy The Man

Better Late

IÕm Back In Therapy And ItÕs All Your Fault

Roberta Piket & Alternating Current

IÕm Back In Therapy And ItÕs All Your Fault

The Mystical Potato Headed Groove Thing

Joe Satriani

Flying In A Blue Dream

Elevator Sky Movie

Eric Johnson

Alien Love Child

Why Should I Lend You Mine When YouÕve Broken Yours Off Already

Brand X

Morrocan Roll

Algon, Where An Ordinary Cup Of Drinking Chocolate Costs 8,000,000,000

Brand X


Warrior Horseman Of The Spirit Thundering Over Hills Of Doubt

David Torn/Mick Karn/Terry Bozzio


Astronomy Domine

Gary Lucas

Gods And Monsters




What Would You Rather Bee Or A Wasp

Gary Moore

Back On The Streets