I'm The Slime


Overnite Sensation




Watching the TV with the radio on

Barefoot Jerry

Watching tv with the radio on

Al and Yeta

Allan Sherman

My Son The Folk Singer

Andy Griffith Theme

Henry Kaiser

Art's Desire

Andy Griffith Theme

TV Theme Song

TV Tunes Vol 1

Bleep This

Dino, Johnny Carson Buddy Hackett

Here's Johnny

Roller Maidens From Outer Space

Phil Austen

Roller Maidens From Outer Space

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Gil Scott Heron

Best Of

TV Snooze

Nina Hagen


Jimmy Jet

Shel Silverstien

Where The Sidewalk Ends

Perry Mason Theme


TV Tunes

Perry Mason Of Love



Perry Mason

Jerry Goodman

ItŐs Alive

Turned Off TV Blues

Ten Years After

Rock and Roll Music To The World

Steppin Stone


The Fabulous

I'm A Believer

Robert Wyatt


Tapioca Tundra


Flip Side Of Valerie

Last Train To Clarksville

Casandra Wilson

New Moon Daughter

George Reeves Jumped Out The Window

Big Void

The Floor Or The Other Side Of The Room

Mr Magoo


TV Tunes

Mr Magoo

Big Void

The Floor Or The Other Side Of The Room

Bionic Unit/So Happy Now/All Along The Watchtower


Kahuna Dream

Quizz Kid

Jethro Tull

Too Old To Rock and Roll, Too Young to Die

Ballad Of Jed Clampett

Flatt & Scruggs

TV Tunes

Ballad Of Jed Clampett

Bela Fleck

Little Worlds

Steppenwolf Medley

Ed Sullivan

Ed Sullivan Classic




Channel 85 Response

Proctor and Bergman

TV Or Not TV

CanŐt Watch This

Al Yancovick

Off The Deep End

If Your Scared Stay Home

Stuart Hamm

The Urge

TV Age

Joe Jackson

Night and Day

Barry Williams Show

Peter Gabriel


Watching  The Detectives

Elvis Costello


TV is King


Remote Control

Color From The Tube

Gang Of Four


Out Of Limits


The Fossil Record 80-87

Them From Rocky and Bullwinkle


Sonic Geology

Rocky & Bullwinkle Theme

TV Tunes

TV Tunes

I Hate The TV

Violent Femmes

Add It Up (81-93)

The Vidiot

Ken Nordine

Wod Jazz

Television Generation

Kursaal Flyers

Teenage Kicks

Stuffin MarthaŐs Muffin

Mojo Nixon


My TV's Watchin Me

Mojo Nixon

Whereabouts Unknown

Two Lane Highway

John Zorn


Capital Punishment

George Carlin

Back In Town

Ben Bland's All Night Matinee

Firesign Theatre

Just Folks Fireside Chat

Small World

Adrian Belew

Young Lions

Language Is A Virus

Laurie Anderson

Home Of The Brave

Bonanza Theme/Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk

Frank Zappa


Be In My Video

Frank Zappa

Them Or Us

Trouble Coming Every Day

Frank Zappa


Star Trek Theme


TV Tunes

Star Trekkin

The Firm

Dr Demento

Vulcan Princess

Stanley Clarke

Stanley Clarke

Mr Spock

Tony Williams Lifetime

Believe It

The Tv Gllide

Firesign Theatre

Dear Friends




Happy Trails

Roy And Dale Evans

TV Tunes

I Don't Want My MTV

The Fents

The Other Side