Show Name: Eargazm DJ Name: T.O. / B, & Jay
 Show Time: Saturday, 7-9 PM Date: 4/17/99 "Taxes"


 Song Title  Band Name  Album

A little medley of tunes for the publicans, the tax takers, the sanctioned pickpockets of our gubmint.
Inner City Blues Marvin Gaye What's Goin' On
Sunny Afternoon Kinks Kinks Kronikles
Taxman Beatles Revolver
Harry Block's 417 reasons National Lampoon Box Set
1040 Blues Robert Cray Shame And A Sin
Harry Block Reason #110 National Lampoon Box Set
You Can Be A Millionaire Steve Martin Comedy Is Not Pretty
Soon As I Get Paid Keb Mo' Slow Down
Harry Block Reason # 408 National Lampoon Box Set
Accountancy Shanty Monty Python Meaning Of Life Sndtrk.
Tax Free Jimi Hendrix L.A. Forum Concert
Harry Block Reason # 287 National Lampoon Box Set
Support Your Local Emperor Blues Traveler Travelers And Thieves
Harry Block Reason # 177 National Lampoon Box Set

Sno-God Totally Disfunctional Family Retail Therapy
THX 138 Jeff Beck Who Else?
High Wire Guitar Adrian Belew Op Zop Dowop
Giving To You Traffic Mr. Fantasy
Djam Karet The Sky Opens Twice Reflections From The Firepool
Sorcerer Ronnie Montrose The Diva Station

Big Time Neil Young Broken Arrow
Still My Bleeding Heart Vai Sex And Religion
Filthy Habits Frank Zappa Lather