Show Name: Eargazm DJ Name: T.O. & Jay
 Show Time: Saturday, 7-9 PM Date: 6/19/99 "Rory Gallagher"


 Song Title  Band Name  Album
Born on the Wrong Side of Time Taste Taste
On the Boards Taste On The Boards
Blister On The Moon Taste Taste
Same Old Story Taste Taste Live
It Happened Before, It'll Happen Again Taste On The Boards
Sinner Boy Taste Live At The Isle Of Wight
Catfish Taste Taste

A break to reflect on the life and music of Rory. He died June 14, 1995 of complications following liver transplant surgery. His music lives on.
For The Last Time Rory Gallagher Rory Gallagher
In Your Town Rory Gallagher Deuce
Hands Up Rory Gallagher Rory Gallagher
Crest Of A Wave Rory Gallagher Deuce
Sleep On A Clothes Line Rory Gallagher Tattoo
Walk On Hot Coals Rory Gallagher Irish Tour '74

Another Reflective Pause
Cradle Rock Rory Gallagher Tattoo
Souped Up Ford Rory Gallagher Against The Grain
Kid Gloves Rory Gallagher Fresh Evidence
No Peace For The Wicked Rory Gallagher Defender

One More For The Road, Seeya Next Time
Slumming Angel Rory Gallagher Fresh Evidence