Show Name: Eargazm DJ Name: B and T.O.
 Show Time: Saturday, 5-9 PM Date: 11/18/00 "Profanity"




 Song Title  Band Name  Album
Offensive Language George Carlin Parental Advisory
Add It Up Violent Femes Add It Up
Dance Motherfucker Dance Violent Femmes  
Precious Pretenders Pretenders II
Freaky Styley Red Hot Chili Peppers Freaky Styley
Love So Fine Nick Lowe Labour Of Lust
You'reBreakin' My Heart Nillson Nillson Schmillson
Not Now John Pink Floyd Final Cut
Call It Democracy Bruce Cockburn World Of Wonder
Fuckin' Up Neil Young Faded Glory
White Punks On Dope Tubes The Tubes
The Elephant Is Dead Bill Hicks Arizona Bay
Properties Of Propaganda Fishbone Give A Monkey A Brain
Babelouge/R&R Nigger Patti Smith Easter
Lament Doors American Prayer
Mofo's Are After Me Zoogs Rift Island Of Living Puke
Miss America David Byrne Feelings

Drugs Dennis Leary No Cure For Cancer
Fuckin Ada Ian Dury Laughter
A Queer Revolution Jerri Allyn Experimental Theatre
Jesus Christ You're Tall Nillson Sandman
Abortion George Carlin Back In Town
Let Talk Dirty To The Animals Gilda Radner Live
Snake Bit, Can't Shit Root Boy Slim Left For Dead
Drinking Fathers Eddie Murphy Comedian
Think Of Punk Rock When You Shit Bloody Mess And The Skabs 6th Grade Field Trip
A Message From The Mayor Marshall Efrom Neutrino News Network
Rock Against Drugs Sam Kinneson You Should See Me Now
War On Drugs Bill Hicks Dangerous
Talking Asshole Frank Zappa You're A Hook
 Broken Hearts Are For Assholes Frank Zappa Sheik Yerbouti
Stick It Out Frank Zappa Joe's Garage
Harry As A Boy Frank Zappa Thingfish
Outside Now Frank Zappa Joe's Garage
Briefcase Boogie FrankZappa Thingfish
Bobby Brown Frank Zappa SheikYerbouti
What Kind Of Girls/Bwana Dik/Latex Solar Beef Frank Zappa Live At The Filmore
Dickie's Such An Asshole Frank Zappa Broadway The Hardway

Peaches And Regalia Dixie Dregs California Screamin'
Red Baron Jazz Is Dead Blue Light Rain
Sleeveless In Seattle Dregs California Screamin
Ionized Dregs California Screamin
Cab Macalpine/Brunel/Chambers Cab
Downstreatch Tommy Bolin The Energy Radio Broadcasts
Loop Garoo Tommy Bolin The Energy Radio Broadcasts