Show Name: Eargazm

DJ Name: Uncle B, T.O.

Show Time: Saturdays 7-9 PM

Date: 6/13/98 "Nuclear Weapons"



    Remember it's not "Nuculer"



Who's Next Tom Lehrer That Was The Year That Was
They Can Make It Rain Bombs Eugene Chadbourne  
So Long Mom Tom Lehrer That Was The Year That Was
Political Science Randy Newman Sail Away
Bombed Anyway Martin Mull I'm Everyone I've Ever Loved
Put My Face On A Nuclear Bomb Mojo Nixon Root Hog Or Die
Emergency Alert Proctor And Bergman TV Or Not TV
It's Nearly Africa XTC English Settlement
Party At Ground Zero Fishbone Fishbone

Death Star Root Boy Slim  
1983 A Merman I Would Be Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland
Mr. Reagan's Neighborhood/Apocalypso Now National Lampoon Sex, Drugs And The End Of The World
Miniature Suns XTC Oranges And Lemons
Nuclear Weapons Billy Connely  
Atom Tan The Clash Combat Rock
Dumb All Over Frank Zappa You Are What You Is
Asshole Dennis Leary No Cure For Cancer
Radium Rain Bruce Cockburn  
Nuclear Burn Brand X  

Fear It Strange Attractor Blowhole
Everybody's Gotta Die Strange Attractor Blowhole
Dean Of The Hollow Strange Attractor Blowhole
Clam Dip Strange Attractor Blowhole