Show Name: Eargazm DJ Name: Uncle B, T.O. Joe, Jay
 Show Time: Saturday, 5-9 PM Date: 061700 "Fathers Day/Violence"



 Song Title  Band Name  Album
Everyone Works but Father The one, the only... An Evening With Groucho Marx
Father's Day Groucho An Evening With Groucho Marx
Oh Daddy Adrian Belew Mr. Music Head
Man In the Moon Adrian Belew Lone Rhino
Drinking Fathers Edde Murphy Eddie Murphy
Hold Me My Daddy XTC Oranges & Lemons
Pap-oomm-mow-mow Rivingtons K-Tel Coll.
My Old Man's a Dustman Lonnie Donegan K-Tel Coll.
When I Was Your Age Wierd Al Off The Deep End
Birth/Every Sperm is Sacred Python Meaning of Life
Drugs and Rehab Denis Leary No Cure For Cancer
We Eat Your Children Camper Von Beethoven Vantiquities

The Sanctity of Life Bill Hicks Relentless
Mom & Dad FZ We're Only In It For The $$
Fathers Bill Cosby 200 MPH
Anna Freud SNL Best Of Sat Nite Live
Little Triggers Elvis Costello My Aim Is True
Accidents Will Happen Twin Spin!!!!!!!!  Armed Forces
Let 'em Dangle No - threepeat! Spike
Gun Man Adrian Again Young Lions
Happiness is a Warm Gun Beatles The Beatles
Don't Take Me Alive Steely Dan Royal Scam
Too Much Blood Rolling Stones  
The Ax Murderer Song Camper Von Beethoven Vantiquities
Psycho Street Richard Thompson Rumour & Sigh
I Can't Wake Up Twin Spin!!!!! Mirror Blue
Watching the Detectives More Elvis My Aim Is True
Vincent Black Lightning 1952 Richard Thompson R & S
Danger Man 2 David Bromberg How Late'll You Play 'Till
Marquee Moon Television Marquee Moon
Sunday Papers Joe Jackson Look Sharp
Thela Hun Ginjeet King Crimson Discipline
Target Joe Jackson Night And Day
Protection  Graham Parker Squeezing Out Sparks
Bullet Rev Horton Heat Smoke 'Em...
THX-138 Jeff Beck Who Else?
Psycho Killer Talking heads 77
Space For The Pappa Jeff Beck Who Else?
Willie The Pimp Frank Zappa Hot Rats

Variations on Carlos Santana... Frank Zappa S.U.A.P.Y.G.S.M.
Ice 9 Joe Satriani Surfing w/the Alien
Just One Victory ToddR. A Wizard A True Star
Roll Away The Stone Mott The Hoople Mott The Hoople
Angels David Byrne David Byrne
Marching Thru The Wilderness David Byrne Rio Momo
Magic Hymie Jerry Harrison Red And Black