NAME: EARGAZM DATE: 3/1/97 "Last Minute Show" SHOWTIME: Saturdays 7-9 PM
 UFO's Big Rigs and Barbeque Mojo Nixon The homemade... R  
 It's Too Late Jim Carroll Catholic Boy    
Art Of Love Art Of Noise Drum & Bass R  
 Money Talks Gang Of Four Mall    
Windpower Thomas Dolby Golden Age Of Wireless    
Big Electric Cat Adrian Belew Desire of the Rhino King    
Of Bow and Drum Adrian Belew  Op Zop Too Wah    
Big Blue Plymouth  David Byrne Catherine Wheel    
Beach Boys Pere Ubu Raygun Suitcase    
I Like Marijuana Mojo Nixone Gadzooks!    
Mechanical World Spirit Spirit    
Night Rally Elvis Costello Taking Liberties    
What's So Funny 'Bout Peace Love And Understanding  Elvis Costello  Armed Forces    

8:00 Break

Dog Breath Frank Zappa Just Another Band From LA    
 Return Of The Son Of Shut Up And Play Your Guitar  Frank Zappa  Shut Up And Play Your Guitar    
 Packard Goose  Frank Zappa  Joe's Garage    
Put A Motor In It  Frank Zappa Civilization Phase III    
Sharleena  Frank Zappa Lost Episodes    
Canard Du Jour  Frank Zappa  Shut Up And Play Your Guitar