Show Name: Eargazm DJ Name: Jay D.
Show Time: Saturday, 8-9 PM Date: 3/6/99



 Here's one where Jay jumps in when a basketball game ends a bit early. He gets a one hour free throw.
Song Title Band Name Album
Native Melody Talking Heads Speaking In Tongues
Games Without Frontiers Peter Gabriel Shaking The Tree
I Love L.A. Randy Newman Trouble In Paradise
Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick Ian Dury Best Of
Slipped My Disco Tubes Best Of
Rage In The Cage J. Geils Freeze Frame
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll Blockheads Best Of
White Punks On Dope Tubes Best Of
Flamethrower J. Geils Freeze Frame
Too Much Information Police Ghost In The Machine
What Do You Want From Life Tubes Best Of
Big Time Peter Gabriel Best Of
Pick Up The Pieces AWB AWB

 "A little Neargazm is better than none at all"....G.D.