NAME: EARGAZM DATE: 11/22/97: Forgotten Bands SHOWTIME: Saturdays 7-9 PM

 Just folks that we usually never get to...A kind of "B List"

Simple Visions Strawbs Deep Cuts    
Benedictus Strawbs Best Of...    
Heavy Dsguise Strawbs Best Of...    
Part Of The Union Strawbs Best Of...    
Lay Down Strawbs Best Of...    

Break about 7:20

Mother Of Pearl Roxy Music Stranded    
Both Ends Burning Roxy Music Greatest Hits    
The Bogus Mile Roxy Music Viva Roxy (live)    
More Than This Roxy Music Avalon    
The Thrill Of It All Roxy Music Greatest Hits    
Street Life Roxy Music Greatest Hits    

Break arond 8:00

Fifty Four Sea Level      
Just A Touch Sea Level      
Island Of Dreams Hummingbird      
Let It Burn Hummingbird      
Arousal/Revival Caldera      

Break around 8:45

Hatian Hell Purest Zazen Cayman Blue    
True To The Clique Brand X Manifest Destiny    
Stellerator Brand X Manifest Destiny