Show Name: Eargazm DJ Name: UncleB & Jay
 Show Time: Saturday, 7-9 PM Date: 7/10/99 "Doctors"


 Song Title  Band Name  Album

A little show about physicians, a kind of tribute to Dr. McCoy who could not heal himself. (Dammit Jim!)
Star Trekkin' The Firm Dr. Demento Coll.
Dr. Robert The Beatles Revolver
Cry Tough Nils Lofgren Cry Tough
Rock & Roll Doctor Little Feat Feats Don't Fail Me Now
Lady Dr. Graham Parker Howlin' Wind
I Don't Need No Dr. New Riders Of The Purple Sage Powerglide
Dear Dr. Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet
Dr. Tim Firesign Theatre Waiting For The Electrician..
Good Lovin' Rascalls Time Piece
High Blood Pressure Dr. John Yudda's Yummy ...
Dr. Memory Firesign Theatre I Think We're All Bozo's...
Medic Bill Cosby I Started Out As A Child

Cancer Joe Jackson Night & Day
Star Trek Dreaming Spirit Kahuna Dream
Twisted Joni Mitchell Court & Spark
Infected The The Infected
Oops Bill Cosby I Started Out As A Child
Gorn Attack Spirit Kahuna Dream
Dr. Jimmy The Who Quadraphenia
Transfusion Nervous Norvis Dr. Demento Coll.
Puttin' On The RItz Gene Wilder et al High Anxiety Sndtrk
Will To Live Brooks/Riener 2013 Year Old Man
Anna Freud Larainne Newman/Dan Akroyd Sat Night Live sndtrk

Break. (I'm out of Dr. Songs)
The Dreams Dream Television Marquee Mooon
Telegram Sam T Rex T Rex
Genius Of Love Tom Tom Club 12" Single