NAME: EARGAZM DATE: 9/6/97 "The Media" SHOWTIME: Saturdays 7-9 PM

 Print Media Segment

 Regarding the media circus that surrounds Princess Diana in death as it did in life

 Hot News Blues Chick Corea/ w/ Al Jarreau      
 Dear Abbey  John Prine  Prime Prine    
 A Day In The Life  Beatles  Sgt Pepper    
 The Toilet  Firesign  Eat Or Be Eaten    
 Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant...  Mojo Nixon  Root Hog Or Die    
 Sunday Papers Joe Jackson  Look Sharp    
Quela' Jack Bruce      
Musical Press Chris Spedding      

 Radio Segment

 8:40 Break

 Radio 1 Theme  Hendrix  Radio 1    
 Turn On Your Radio  Nillson      
 Radio Song  REM      
 What's The Frequency Kenneth?  REM      
 Radio II  King Crimson Thrak    
 Roadrunner Jonathan Richman      
 Radio Shoes  Bruce Coburn      
 Morning Rush Hour  Steve Morse      
 My Freind Is A Stooge For The Media Preists  Pere Ubu  Ray Gun Suitcase    

 Television Segment

 8::12 Break

(Wherin we announce this site for the first time)

 Turn On The News  Husker Du  Zen Arcade    
 If You're Scared, Stay Home  Stu Hammond      
 Television Man Talking Heads  Little Creatures    
 "Entertainment Tonight" Theme  Who Cares?  Television's Greatest Hits    
 TV Guide  Firesign Theatre  Dear Freinds    
 Small World (On A 2" TV)  Adrian Belew  Young Lions    
 Video Crime  Tin Machine  Tin Machine    
 "Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous" Theme  Who Cares?  Television's Greatest Hits    

 8:51 Break

 I'm The Slime  Frank Zappa  Overnight Sensation    
 Trouble Comin Every Day  Frank Zappa  Roxy And Elswhere    
 Be In My Video  Frank Zappa  Them Or Us