NAME: EARGAZM DATE: 9/13/97 "Death" SHOWTIME: Saturdays 7-9 PM

 Famous folks seem to be dropping dead quite a bit of late, sooo...

  I'd Rather Be Dead Harry Nillson Son Of Schmillson    
  My Name Is Death Incredible String Band 5000 Spirits    

 Texas Girl At The Funeral Of Her Father

  Randy Newman Little Criminals    
  Dying XTC Skylarking    
  Mother's Not Dead   Long John Baldry (W/Rod Stewart) Everything Stops For Tea    
  Death Soul Blues Country Joe And The Fish Electric Music For Soul And Body    
 Ballad Of The Hip Death Goddess   Ultimate Spinach  Ultimate Spinach    
  The Rosenbergs National Lampoon Golden Turkey    
  The Final Page Ken Nordine Devout Catalyst    
  Whistlin' Past The Graveyard Tom Waits Blue Valentine    
  Undertaker Monty Python Another Monty Python Record    
  John Entwistle Ted End Smash Your Head Against The Wall    
  Lament Jim Morrison An American Prayer    
  He Don't Live Here No More   Robert Cray   I Was Warned    

7:55 Break

  Please Don't Bury Me John Prine   Best Of    
  Live Organ Donation  Monty Python   Meaning Of Life    
  The Man In The Moon  Adrian Belew   Desire Of The Rhino King    
  She Is Not Dead  Adrian Belew   Desire Of The Rhino King    
  Dying From The Inside Out Golden Palaminos   Drunk W/ Passion    
  Life After Death Ian Hunter Your Never Alone With A Schizophrenic    
Mr. Foster Freeze Firesign Theatre Dear Freinds    
Mechanical World Spirit Spirit    

8:45 Break

 Zen Archer  Todd Rundgrenn  A Wizard A True Star    
 Somewhere In Heaven Santana Milagro    
I Am Become Death Joe Satriani True Machine