Show Name: Eargazm

DJ Name: Uncle B, T.O.

Show Time:Saturdays 7-9 PM

Date: 3/21/98 "Children"





  Save The Children  Marvin Gaye  

Just Kissed My Baby The Members?  
Children Of The Future Steve Miller  
Everyone's Gone To The Movies Steely Dan  
Children's Crusade Sting  
Motherless Children Steve Miller  
Motherless Children Eric Clapton  
Beautiful Boy John Lennon  
Stay Up Late Talking Heads Little Creatures
God Save The Kid Wild Man Fisher  
Twisted Joni Mitchell  
Trip To Mars Nils Lofgren  
Happy Ending Kids Nils Lofgren  

9:00 Break
Oh Daddy Adrian Belew  
Unloved Children Todd Rundgrenn  
Let The Children Play Santana  
Baby Batter Howie Mandell  
Baby Universal Tin Machine  
Spock Gets Funky George Duke  

Blues For Mez? Ray Gomez  
Sprott Terje Rypdal  
Druuk Skitzo Fishbone  
Servitude Fishbone  
Virus Brand X  
The Mysterious Matter... Stevie Vai  

   I was at Bill Petterson's wedding this week, so I'm guessing what Tom O's writing says in some places.