Show Name: Eargazm DJ Name: T.O., B, and Jay
 Show Time: Saturday, 7-9 PM Date: 7/31/99 "Fraidy Scared"


 Song Title  Band Name  Album
I Scare Myself   Dan Hicks and Hot Licks Striking It Rich
Fear Not Graham Parker Another Grey Area
So Fine(It's Frightening) Andy Pratt S.T.
Gone Today, Here Tomorrow Col. Bruce Hampton/ARU  Mirrors of Embarassment
Basically Frightened Col. Bruce Hampton/ARU   S.T.
Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues The Kinks Muswell Hillbillys
Paranoia Shel Silverstein Songs and Stories
House on the Hill Audience   House on the Hill
Fear Joy Harjo Letter From the End of the 20th Century
Giant The The Soul Mining
Dreadlock Holiday 10cc Bloody Tourists

A break to change soiled linen
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Robert Cray  Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
If You're Scared, Stay Home    Stu Hamm   The Urge
South End Incident   (I'm Afraid) Beacon Street Union   The Eyes Of The Beacon Street Union  
Because You're Friightened Magazine  The Correct Use of Soap
Fear Is Never Boring The Bears The Bears
Fear It Strange Attractor Blowhole
Black Maria Todd Rundgren Something/Anything
No Fear Fishbone Give A Monkey A Brain...

Way too scared to continue
Wishing It Was Santana Supernatural
THX 138  Jeff Beck   Who Else?
Even Odds Jeff Beck   Who Else?