Show Name: Eargazm

DJ Name: Uncle B, T.O.

Show Time: Saturdays 7-9 PM

Date:7/4/98 "The Fourth"





Almost Independence Day Van Morrison  St. Domenic's Preview    
Draft Dodger Rag Phil Ochs Chords Of Fame    
Back In The USA Jonathan Richman      
America Is Violent Femmes      
Twilight's Last Gleaming Mojo Nixon Bo-Da-Shuss    
America Steve Marcus      
Drink American Peter Stampel      
The Amendment Song The Simpsons Songs In The Key Of...    
Sail Away Randy Newman Good Ol' Boys    
Sigmund Freud's Impersonation Of Albert Einstien In America Randy Newman      
Call It Democracy Bruce Cockburn      
Temporarily Humbolt County Firesign Theatre      
The Coming Of The White Man Xit      
Our National Anthem Negativeland      
Star Spangled Banner Jimi Hendrix Woodstock    
The Riddle Steve Vai      
Amerika Jaco Pastorius      
Miss Amerika David Byrne Feelings    
America Yes Best Of    
How Can You Be In Two Places... Firesign Theatre How Can You Be...    
Winter In America Gil-Scott Heron      
This Is Not America David Bowie/Pat Metheny      
Bod Dylan's 115th Dream Bob Dylan      
This Land Is Your Land Mojo Nixon      
Amerika The Beautful Frank Zappa Some Unauthorised Edition