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For 15 years Eargazm was a Saturday night feature on WRIU-FM.
In that time we attracted a discerning, loyal and
rather diverse audience by playing a mix of all flavors of rock,
scads of jazz, a bit of fusion, a teaspoon of folk and a dash of comedy.

Check out our video!
(Big thanks to Larry for it's production)
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Every two weeks we livecast a four hour show,
record it to disk, edit it up nice and rip it to MP3.
I back it up to CD, put it on the PC and it plays in rotation.
Maybe you get to hear it. I hope so. We love making 'em.

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News Flash!
We've now got an Ogg stream running at 192k:
As well as the old familiar:

If you're having a problem connecting, drop a line to our tech geek and let him know.

R.I.P. - Lynn Larrivee 1955-2008

Next Live Show August 16, 2014@ 6PM EST
"The Return Of Tommy O"

On Tuesday March 13, 2012 our dear friend and Eargazm personality
Jay Donohue passed away from Leukemia.
Eargazm will never be the same.
But we will carry on. It's what he would've wanted..
Thanks Jay. There will never be another one like you.


Great interview with Nils Lofgren!
Click here to listen!

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